B. L. Somani, Ph.D. obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Pavia, a premier center for biological research in Italy. Subsequently, he joined the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) in Pune where he was a Professor of Biochemistry and Senior Scientist before joining the Institute of Bioinformatics as Distinguished Professor. At AFMC, he was also the Technical Manager responsible for the quality control of the NABL accredited clinical chemistry laboratory. His research interests include protein and enzyme biochemistry and metabolic studies as well as development of analytical techniques. He developed and patented a kinetic assay and has conducted studies to find the significance of altered levels of ceruloplasmin in various clinical disorders.  He was a recognized research guide for Ph.D. and M.D. students of University of Pune and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. At IOB, he leads the efforts on metabolomics and development of metabolic pathways.
E-mail: somani AT ibioinformatics DOT org